Sofia Goodsoul


Sofia Goodsoul

Open one eye.
See the blue sky.
Birds in a tree
Look back at me.
Hubby comes to the room,
"You better get up soon."
5 minutes gone,
Then 10 minutes gone
Trying to get
What I rhymed in the bed
Before going to sleep.
Birds in the tree go, "Chirp, chirp."
Get up.
Have a cup.
Feed a cat,
My curious pet.
Walk a dog. Think,
Dog rhymes with frog.
Take a call
From a school.
Their teacher is sick.
Can I come quick?
Back home. Jump in car.
Thanks Dear Lord,
That school isn't far.
Meet new friends.
Sing, play and dance.
Go outside.
Seek. Hide.
Story time.
Say, "goodbye."
Back to house.
Talk to spouse.
Read mail.
Write a tale.
Look at the clock.
Have a shock.
Late night.
Off goes the light.



When my mother was pregnant with me, my father was writing a PhD thesis. But he couldn't finish it due to being busy looking after me. Since then he calls me ‘My Thesis.’


My birthday is on the 1st of April. My father didn’t believe the first call from the hospital on the day I was born. He thought it was a joke.


My father loved writing poems and reading them to his friends at events. Very often they were too long, so he missed out on the second and sometimes the third course while reading them.


My first pet was a dog named Seagull. I was 4 years old when I accused Seagull of eating two ice-cream cones from a freezer. Do you think Seagull did that?


My husband Andrew and I are school sweethearts. He asked for my hand from my parents when I was in grade 3.


As far back as I remember , I always wanted to be a Kindergarten Teacher. I have been working as an emergency Kindergarten Teacher for over 10 years.


My grandmother Nina introduced me to the world of poetry by reading and acting out poems and rhyming narratives. She worked at a publishing house as a children’s book illustrator all her life. My rhyming narrative NIAN, THE LUNAR DRAGON is dedicated to her.


When I was 2 years old, my mother took me to the ice-skating school, but I hated the ice-skating classes - it was so painful to fall 10 times in a row. I liked dance classes much better, so she decided to take me to the ballet school when I was 3. I dedicated 20 years of my life to the art of dance. When we moved to Melbourne, I worked as a children’s contemporary dance teacher and choreographer.


Do you still remember that my husband proposed to me in grade 3? We have been married over 25 years. Our son Vlad is 24.


Andrew and Vlad are both serving in the Australian Army Reserve, at the same army unit.


Our family lives on the corner of Ireland Road and Dorothy Court (Wiggles, ‘Dorothy the Dinosaur’).


Our dog’s name is Mack. It is short from Duncan McLeod, a fiction character from the TV Highlander multiverse.


Seven years ago, when walking Mack to the park at night, we found a kitten who looked like it was about to die. Since that night, Diesel, the cat, lives happily ever after in our house. ‘Mack’ is a name for a big loading truck. 'Diesel' is the fuel for a such truck.


I wrote my first poetry collection at the age of 9. It wasn’t published, but my mum preserved it for me and I still treasure my first poems.


When I actually write, I sit on a couch in my writing room. As soon as I feel comfortable and ready to comes my dog Mack pushing the door with his nose and landing on the couch next to me. After the first line is written, here comes my cat Diesel who jumps onto my lap. We all line up on the couch: Mack, me with Diesel and a computer pad with a computer mouse.


I am very lucky to have met a talented children’s book illustrator, Marina Kite. Together we work on my poems and stories.


As an emergency teacher, I travel from one school setting to another, meeting and becoming friends with lots of children. They are a great inspiration for my writing. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


I am a member of a Fernwood gym for women. As I love dancing, Zumba classes are my favorite.


I am an 'accidental writer', if it is possible to call it an accident, when your home country is at war and your relatives and friends still live there, in the Ukraine. I had to switch my mind onto something positive to think about to keep me busy. Since then, I can’t live a day without rhyming poems, riddles and narratives for children.